A look back

As I sit here reflecting on the experiences I have had in my short time as a performing musician I am full of many different emotions. One is happy. We have been SO lucky! Most of the bands I have played gigs with have been very pleasant. I have made awesome connections with some like minded people that though I do not hang out with them but at these shows, I consider my friends. The douche bags I have encountered are far and few between. I wonder if this ratio will change as we continue growing and playing with more "popular" bands? 

I always say, if it's not fun I am going to stop. When we get our selves into un-fun situations, such as high pressure gigs with too much expectation or bands that seem pretentious, I take mental note on my mantra and try not to let the behind the scenes bullshit get me down. I love playing music. I love all the weirdos, the artists, the music fans and most of the drama is light. 

From my first show EVER summer of 2014 to now has been an incredible transformation for me. I was so terrified to play live, filled with panic but overwhelmed with a desire that I could not shake. This desire to perform has lived inside of me forever and I worked very hard (continue to do so) as a musician and songwriter to have the skills to do it. 

That is all for now.     ~Melissa            Below: Photo shoot 2014. We still had not played one live gig!