Why No Drummer?

This is a common question for us and one I want to address on behalf of When We Met. 

Drums, drummers are such an important part of a rock band. As a duo we decided to pre-record drums as backing tracks so that we could play our music. The choice to not have a drummer was one, because they are so important that if the drummer left we could not play. When We Met as a duo is solid, if we had a drummer and they left, we could not play. This way we can ALWAYS play. It was not an easy decision to make. Our big #2 reason to not have a third member was the desire to be able to tour with ease. It is easy for a duo to book shows and travel. 

This path is more tedious in ways, since we have to program cool drums using midi, an electronic kit, and a live kit at times because we want the dynamics and texture of live drums.  We both love live drums and plan to continue to collaborate with guest drummers, we have been known to have someone jump on a kit for a song or few. But with guests we do choose to keep our backing tracks going because it has evolved into an big part of our sound. Now we incorporate more synth layers and funky sounds. 

To elaborate on how important drums are. I have seen other duos that are drums and guitar or drums and bass add a 3rd member (bass or guitar), but then if the 3rd member leaves they go back to a duo with ease. With guitar and Bass, if a drummer left us, we would have to get another drummer. This is a curse of the stagnant band. Members always leaving and having to recondition new members. Too many awesome bands have gone no where do to this. 

please drummers, know that we love you and respect all that you do. We get very hurt when people think we use a lame "drum machine" or don't like drummers. We are just creating our art and sharing it the way we can. 

With love. Melissa