"When We Met is a stand out favorite of mine in the new wave, alternative, & experimental genres of recent. this was the first full set I had the chance of seeing them and they were mind bogglingly good” - Lysergic Sound Department

"Their chemistry was infectious and their sound highly energetic, often danceable, a mix of late 80’s New Wave and mid 90’s Indie Rock. Both of them shared vocal duties and sang about everything from women’s rights to their own personal demons." - Freeform Portland 

"These two have undeniable chemistry together!" - Lysergic Sound Department 

 "This Portland, OR, duo brings that great new wave/punk touch in a manner similar to the B-52’s and DEVO with that Pixies attitude thrown in. Get off your ass and dance your blues away." - Audio Fuzz

"When We Met brings a loving dynamic back into rock." - The Deli Portland