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Music in categories, short descriptions. When We Met's songs are all registered with ASCAP. 

Also available for custom work for cinematic trailers and more.


"Selfless" Male lead, layered with female vocals. Industrial and heavy sound.

"Sick Of It All" Female lead vocals. Driving (dance) beet with dark content. 


"Bring Them Back" Male lead vocals, with female back up. lyrics about immigrants, separation of families at the US/ Mexico border. 

Y.O.T.B. (Year Of The Bitch) Female lead vocals. Feminist anthem, pop/punk/electronic.

Cover Songs

"The Con" Original song: Tegan & Sara. Female lead but both male/female at same time. Driving, power pop.

"Where Is My Mind" Original song: Pixies. Male lead vocals. 90's alternative epic rock song, live recording.

Mid & Up-tempo

"Falling Apart" Female lead vocal. Dreamy, 80's vibe. 

"Waltz" Male lead with female back ups. Lyric about mental illness / could be interpreted to aliens. Mellow, spacey with a swing.

"Alcoholic" Female lead vocal party song. Upbeat, pop / punk. 

"Ride the Tide" Male lead vocal, with Male / Female call and response chorus. Surf, upbeat, playful.

"Lift Off" Male lead vocal, Male / Female call and response chorus. Indie, pop, dance, upbeat, playful, love. 

"Exist". Female lead vocal, Alternative, pop, punk, anthem. 

"Cat's out of the Bag" Male lead vocal, mellow vibe to power pop. 


"Unstoppable" Female lead vocals, empowering  indie pop rock.

"Things We Talked About" Male lead vocals. Upbeat, anthem.

"Always Try" Male lead vocals. Darker, mid tempo. 

Love Songs / Romantic

"Mid October" Female lead vocal, Male / Female call and response in last 2 verses. Dance beat, club song, love song.

"Get Over You". Duet. Upbeat, playful. 

"It's Too Late" Male lead vocals. Whimsical, slower, alternative rock anthem. 

"But What Do I Know" Male lead vocals, Male / Female call and responce chorus.  Down tempo, dreamy, trip hop.

Instrumental Only (electronic)