Rehearsal examples of the new set up/sound on youtube, new recordings coming! 

 When We Met, Portland based rock duo, is back with an indie folk collection of dreamy, dramatic and playful songs. New album coming soon!


When We Met is a national touring indie duo from Portland, Oregon. Bryan (guitar, vocals, cloud drum) and Melissa (upright bass, vocals) are back with a new collection of songs that are vulnerable, fun and captivating. From deep dreamy ballads, light upbeat jams with supernatural story telling, journeys through addiction and introspection of loss and love. 

For fans of The Shins, Pinback, Death Cab for Cutie, Tegan & Sara and Elliott Smith.



When We Met (Bryan & Melissa) met at a music venue (The Wonder Ballroom) in their hometown of Portland, Oregon back in 2010. They connected as musicians and instantly became an inseparable couple. 

In 2014 When We Met played their first show and hit it hard for the next 5 years, playing locally and touring nationally. They had a song featured at an NBA halftime show, performed live on KGW News, live in studios at Portland Radio Project, KBOO, KPSU and their animated music videos were featured at indie film festivals. They became known for their energetic and fun shows, bouncing around stage, having a blast! Trading off on vocals, with booming tracks and heavily effected guitars. 

But then the year 2020 hit.. 

In 2020 When We Met came to a screeching halt due to a significant family loss and the pandemic. In the whirlwind of trauma, the couple was unsure if they would be able to be a band any longer.. After some time passed, they found themselves writing again, even released a couple fun singles in 2021. 

After much reflection they decided to write all new music for more intimate live performances. Bryan is reunited with his acoustic guitar, the instrument he started playing at 9 years old. Melissa accompanies on stand up bass for a twist, also paying homage to her late grandmother who was a violist for University of Portland Community Orchestra.