When We Met 
indie duo


"All I Want Now," When We Met's new single, is an anthem of hope. With haunting vocal harmonies and sparse instrumentation, When We Met takes listeners on a journey through dark times, calling for change and heralding better days ahead.

Now performing a new collection of indie folk/rock with a psych dream pop twist 

About Us

"When We Met," the entrancing duo of Bryan Casey and Melissa Dorres, captivates with a sound that blends nostalgic acoustics and futuristic ambient effects, leading listeners on a journey through dreamlike melodies and ethereal landscapes. Their chance meeting on a Portland dance floor blossomed into a musical partnership marked by enchanting harmonies and introspective lyrics. After a hiatus to craft a somewhat acoustic anthology that delves into love, loss, and longing, their latest indie folk / dream pop tracks promise a thrilling new chapter for fans. Known for their magnetic live performances across the Pacific Northwest and beyond, including a memorable NBA Halftime Show, When We Met is an act you'll want to experience live, where their unique sound and compelling storytelling come to life in a way that's both intimate and expansive.

For fans of: Elliott Smith, Beach House, Kurt Vile, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The New Pornographers, Tegan and Sara



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