When We Met 
Where Ethereal Echoes and Indie Folk Collide

About Us

Short Introducton:

Meet When We Met: the indie folk duo with a twist of the psychedelic. For over ten years, this husband-and-wife team has been crafting tunes that journey beyond the ordinary, from energetic rock anthems to vibrant indie pop. Now, they’re channeling a more serene yet trippy indie folk sound, preparing to enchant with new, eclectic music. As they ready themselves to hit stages near and far, When We Met is all set to share their latest musical explorations, inviting listeners into their dreamy, folk-infused universe. 

Longer Story:

Explore the edgy, soulful realms with "When We Met," where echoes of Elliott Smith meet the dark allure of 90’s indie and goth folk. Bryan and Melissa craft a sound that’s both haunting and irresistibly cool, inviting you to a musical interplay where shadowy aesthetics blend seamlessly with raw, emotive melodies.

Comprised of the dynamic husband-wife duo, Bryan Casey and Melissa Dorres, the band artfully crafts melodies that whisk listeners away to realms of cinematic soundscapes and hauntingly beautiful echoes. Born from a serendipitous meeting on a dance floor in Portland, Oregon, and nurtured through years of exploring eclectic sound palettes, the duo curates experiences that weave the tangible and the mystical, the grounded and the ethereal, into a tapestry of sound that is uniquely their own. With their latest collection, they invite you on a journey through love, loss, and electric dreams, navigating through the enigmatic spaces where reality and fantasy elegantly entwine.

When We Met has not only charmed listeners with their distinctive sound, but also left a tangible mark across various platforms and stages. Their compelling melodies have graced various platforms, from Channel 8 News and a spectrum of radio stations to YouTube channels, music blogs, and even the NBA Halftime Show for The Portland Trailblazers. With performances spanning venues and festivals across the Pacific Northwest and a storied history of touring the United States, leaving a lasting imprint with their intriguing and distinctive sound.



"All I Want Now," When We Met's new single, is an anthem of hope. With haunting vocal harmonies and sparse instrumentation, When We Met takes listeners on a journey through dark times, calling for change and heralding better days ahead.


"Victoria" is a testament to When We Met's new fusion of electrifying soundscapes and indie folk charm.

"Beats Destroyed Your Demons" unveils When We Met's heavier side in a raw and impassioned live performance.